Need help! 2d games with different planes

I got a test for work, but i’m not sure how to do it right c’:

1 question:

Scene looks like this:

I need effects to be above canvas like this:

And i just created particle system on it:


It works, but it doesn’t seem to be correct c’’:
Is there a better way to do this?

2 question:
How to create projectile from hero to icons if they in the different planes?..

I thought to make an empty object on canvas (like particle system) and move it with the hero, but this is strange too c’’’:

did they give you anything to handle vfx for ui? shuriken doesn’t play well by default. you usually have to render to a different cam that plays on top of that or use some components/shaders that enable playing over ui. here is the first thing i found on google:

I’ve also used this in a past project and it worked great.

it would also take some scripting to aim and move a particles system from one area to another. maybe you can fake it by animating the particle to the position it needs to go?

did they give you anything to handle vfx for ui?

Absolutely nothing :c

I did fake positions, they asked only for a video. But in game it shouldn’t work right, i think. I will probably do this way and if they like the result, then I will ask how to do it right.

And thank you for share particles for UI, I think it will be really useful for me in the future!

I’ve done a lot of vfx for UI for games using shiruken.
The main thing is to know how to handle the differents canvas/orders in layers that a team can give to you and also you can turn the component into a rect transform instead of using basics position.

Here is some examples.

But you may have to talk with your team and the programmers to get something clean.