My first torch and the feeling i'm doing it wrong (Complete Beginner)

Hello everyone,

After reading a lot of posts i decided to start one. While watching a lot of videos and articles it comes out a lot that the best way to improve are asking people for feedbacks and help so here i am.

First i need to say that this is my very first ever vfx after doing a lot of tutorials for the past week on UE5.
I’m a motion designer and i want to learn realtime vfx to maybe have the chance somedays to work in the video games industry.

I will explain to you the process in my head and please feel free to tell me if i’m doing it wrong in any part of it.

So for my first VFX i want make a simple torch. I know a bit embergen so i made a flipbook out of a little simulation (it’s a youtube short i don’t know why, i’m sorry) :

So i use the emmissive+scattering pass to export a flipbook that i’ll use in niagara

At this point i don’t really know what i’m doing, i feel like this might not be the best way to do it but i keep going. My first guess is to use it as a flipbook texture on a plane (because i feel it’s better for optimization than particles ? idk) but my goal right here is to have a torch that i can put on the wall or even better having in the hand of a character then when i’m walking with it the fire need to be “dynamic” if that’s make sense.

So i decided to do it with particles. I create an emitter with a burst spawn of one particles that lives for 4 to 5 seconds then fade out while another one is coming. Those 4-5 seconds of life display my flipbook.
Then i create another emitter for the smoke (which feels useless because it’s the same flipbook than my flames but white, even if i’m using the smoke pass of embergen) and finally a last one for embers.

And here is the result :

I’m “ok” with the result, but it feels flat and i know that as soon as i will move it, it will be catastrophic.
So that’s why i’m here. I know i’m doing a lot of things wrong, probably at every step of the way but i’m lost on how to properly do it.

To finish, i already have some problem with it, it’s like it doesn’t fit the torch model depending on the angle. If i’m facing it it’s ok but as soon as i’m on the side, it’s obviously not centered and i can’t place it properly it’s always shifted on a side or another.

Thanks in advance and glad to be here (i hope i’m in the right category)

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