MrBrouchet's Sketchbook

Hi folks, since I’m doodling a bit on my spare time and wanted to share this with you, here’s the beginning of my VFX sketchbook :slight_smile:

So, I’ve being doing a bit of portal magic on this quiet sunday afternoon:

(sorry for the laggy gifcam capture).

It’s a PopcornFX v2 effect, I’m basically sampling the blue glyphs on the stele mesh to spawn particles that I then drive to a rotating location in front. The infinitely rotating portal is actually another layer, but I’ve managed to make the transition look seamless, so… it’s looking nice :sweat_smile:

I guess it’s still a wip, I might add other layers and some detail layer. Maybe a complementary color somewhere to add some variation.
Let me know what you think !


It’s looking cool! But yeah I agree the colors could use some work - right now it’s hard to tell where the center of interest is, since all the elements are very similar in hue, value, and size. Adding some contrast by maybe making the border of the portal stronger would help a lot I think!

Excited to see where this goes!

Thanks !
Yep I agree with the contrast thing, I thinking about adding bolder lines and details to the portal itself to make it stand out.