Mr.pitz - VFX Sketchbook

Hey there. I guess it’s time also for me to show some of my work to you, talented vfx gurus.
I’m allways open for some comments and feedback.

Let’s start with some fire magic abilites I’ve done for our newest game A Year of Rain.
This is Shen, the Spark Mage - allways drunken and willing to blow things up.

Let me now what you think :slight_smile:


Pretty neat!

The one at 00:10 looks Battleritesque hehehe :new_moon_with_face:

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And another ability set. This time the Ranger Morrig Fogvale, with his BFG :wink:

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The Wraith, an undead hero. Her skills are very “flowery” :cherry_blossom:

Just wanted to share some building destructions I made. Models and textures were made by my awesome 3d artist colleagues. Destruction and simulation were made in Houdini and exported via VAT to Unreal. There is a lot of room for improvement, but it was fun to make and it made me feel more comfortable working with Houdini.


I made a little breakdown video for the emberstorm ability. What do you think?