Mobile MOBA VFX, remote, freelance, short gig

Official job posting here:

We are Gazia Games, a mobile gaming startup in Singapore ( and we are working on a MOBA aiming for beta launch in May or June 2017.

Our current fantastic VFX artist contractor (whom we also found here on has recently been engaged by a very large company and we may not be able to complete our VFX in time. We’re looking for a highly skilled VFX artist who can start immediately and work with us for the next 6-8 weeks.


  • VFX for at least 2 Champions, including skills, auto-attacks and so forth
  • You must be able to achieve style consistency with the current VFX work


  • Fixed camera, Unity
  • Stylized, but not realistic and not cartoony
  • Very low-fi, almost no bloom, no complex shaders, works on all devices
  • References: League of Legends, Battlerite, Clash Royale (a bit too cute)


  • English-speaking is a must, and fluent
  • Experience with Unity necessary, mobile preferred
  • Experience with stylized combat VFX necessary


  • E-mail with subject: “VFX artist posting”
  • Link us to the relevant VFX reel(s)
  • Attach your resume or give us your LinkedIn profile, we need to know who you are!