🎆 Mattia Selicato Sketchbook - EOD

thanks for the detailed breakdown! awesome! <3


I’m happy you enjoyed!! :smile: :raised_hands:

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Welcome back guys! I missed being able to write an EOD!
I have great news!!
I got my first job as VFX Artist as a contractor at Navigator Games Ltd !!
And I couldn’t be more happy about it, it’s the job I’ve been dreaming about: Stylized Elemental VFXs, because we are going to work on Avatar: The Last Airbender!!

This is a huge achievement that I need to readress to the help that I have been given by the community.
In the first place @TonyManzi introduced me to the VFX world and helped me along the way nearly everyday, but without the VFX Apprentice Community this wouldn’t have happen, thanks a lot guys, every single one of you.

A new challenge arose the very moment I accepted the job offer, and that was: translate all my recently acquired knowledge to Unity.

In the past days I’ve been sick and didn’t really work much, but @White_Intoner has been a lighthouse in the dark and helped me hugely already.
@Saiel provided me with tons of super useful resources to learn from but I have to say, a very solid point where to start from is always Gabriel Aguiar . Thanks a lot if you’re reading this @GabrielAguiar !!

I want to show you a very cool effect I was able to achieve today thanks to one of Gabriel tutorials.


This effect is mostly achieved in the shader, which is how I love to work.
Even in Unity I didn’t lose my habit! :slight_smile:

Let’s see what is cool about this and why I love it, since in Unreal I was going to have much more difficulties trying to make something like this.

In Unity you can procedurally generate noises from the ShaderGraph itself! I know it to be pretty expensive feature but for fun and speedrun purposes, this is so good.
(I especially love the voronoi)

It looks pretty disgusting doesn’t it? Like bug eggs

Distorting these noises has never been simpler.
There are 2 amazing nodes in ShaderGraph called Twirl and Radial Shear:

Both of these nodes are UV Distortion nodes as you can see from the colors, and they do so very well!
(Here you don’t see them in full action, but you can crank the values up and obtain amazing results)

The coolest part has to be the fact you can check a couple of boxes and use a noise to produce a cool Dissolve effect! The Alpha Clip Threshold is an amazing output!

You know what this means right? I Simply slapped this material on top of a custom tornado mesh I created, with some rings around the top and the bottom, then duplicated the tornado mesh to have 2 different colors (Core and Outer) and here we go! Fire Tornado.

In conclusion!
I’m pretty happy with Unity so far, it doesn’t put you in front of a lot of decisions, everything is pretty easy and straightforward, but SOME decisions are actually important (Shadergraph or Amplify, VFX Graph or Shuriken).
If there is ONE thing you take away from my post today be it this:

I was complaining about how in Shuriken Particle System (Unity) you can’t interact with the curve the way I used to interact in Unreal (With Elements Array). I was able to nail pretty good timing with it.
So I naturally looked for something similar and luckily I found it.

Simply right click on a key you created on the curve, and you can manually edit its time and value!

Time to end my EOD.

I hope this was cool, and I look forward to bring you news!!

Until then, CIAO!


So cool to see this detailed explanation. Very nice :face_with_monocle:

Ey hope you are feeling better dude and good luck with the new job, seems exciting!
Appreciate the mention, peace!

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Thanks a lot for everything ! I’m new to unity and i’m enjoying discovering these little features :slight_smile:

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These breakdowns are super interesting!
Keep it up!

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I?m super happy to be of any help! :slight_smile:

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