KeesKlop 2D Animation Showreel 2018

Hi everybody!
My name is Kees and I love to share my 2018 showreel with you guys. I’m a 2D animator mostly focusing on effects and I’ve 1 year experience as an animator in the industry.

I’ve worked on the game WhatTheHen and a new upcoming game called Lethal League : Blaze, both as an effects intern.
I’m Looking forward to share more work in the future with this community, if you’ve any feedback for my showreel work would be amazing.


Wow … superb work man. Loved the Tracer kinda animation at 0:17 :heart_eyes:

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Thanks Parag :D, those electric animations were indeed alot of fun to animate !

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Traditional VFX is lit. Good job!

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My next plan is to implement it into unity for a mix of 2D and 3D particles :smiley:

Looks good. Cool to see someone else from MediaCollege that’s specializing in VFX. Your animations look smooth and you definitely got the “feel” for VFX. The thing you have to look into now is your color use and value. Make sure that the most important parts of the FX stand out. That way you reduce clutter when you use it in a game.

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Thanks for the feedback! Colors is not a very strong part in my skillset butI’m working on that :D, thanks alot!