How will you achieve that in Unreal engine | vertex offset

hi guys i just found this on . i was thinking to make it in unreal engine and i have not tried it yet maybe i can achieve. i just want your suggestion.


Hi there, I’ve done similar things so this is my guess:
The mesh is already split that way.
There’s a second UV channel the mask_move texture is panning into, and applying that mask as vertex offset in Y.
The left mesh has just a planar UV (but each piece slightly scaled down to create some stepping offset), and the right one has a cylinder UV setup, with each mesh uv island collapsed so the value for each vertex in the mesh is the same.
And mask-tex is masking using the same UV the diffuse is using.
The value that’s changing is most likely and amount multiplier.

Hope it helps


thank you so much i did the same and its working…:slight_smile:

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i will post video on this soon…


here is my output video…
thanks for help again
check video description. gave you credit.


Interesting use of the technique, I’m glad my description helped you.
Thanks for the mention :slight_smile: