How to get mesh to rise from the ground

Hello everyone.

I’m trying to fix how my spikes meshes spawn in. Right now they are spawning in multiple times, making it look like it has drag to it. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Any help or incite is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

What it looks like, and modules used for mesh data emitter.

The effect I’m referencing:

Thank you @Travis and @rymbrant for you critiques, I really appreciate them :slight_smile: Here’s where I’m at now.

you may want a burst in stead of a spawn rate.

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Definitely use burst to spawn them as Travis mentioned. Set your spawn rate to 0 and add an element to the BurstList. Then set the number of spikes you want. You can add multiple entires with a delay in each to offset them.

If the spikes only need to spawn one time while the rest of the particle repeats in the Required module of the spikes set “EmitterLoops” to 1 instead of 0. 0 means it will loop forever. If you do this then know your lifetime because they will disappear at that point and not loop to make more. Setting lifetime to -1 means they will stay forever until you clean the particle up.

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