How to create Scene depth with Trails - Example with Tread marks

Hello, I wanted to create a trail based “Decal” for tread marks/skids using trails.

I had two issues,

  • material/UV’s are incorrect when using the camera vector with a ribbon
  • ribbon tiling distribution is “Catching” the head of the trail

I have watched Simons video for inverting the way the material is tiled;

and I found this Gif which represents what I want; insta

At the end of Simons post I applied Nekronavt 's solution and now the ribbon follows and deletes as intended:

The camera vectors work normally on a static mesh, but for some reason Ribbon geo is generated with a twist/rotation which receives incorrect camera vectors, to fix this I had to reverse and swap the values;

Niagara emitter;

The end results in a trail with scene depth applied to a bump map which returns correct information to fake decals;


Nice! Thanks for sharing! :smiley:

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I forgot to mention that the ribbon object it’self needed to be rotated x = 180,y = 0, z = 0

thank you soo much for documenting your process and the solution. that’s awesome! <3

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No thank you for the YouTube videos!