How can I create this FX in Unreal Engine 4?

Hello, everyone! I need to create similar effect in UE4. How can I make whip effect? I try to use Beam data particles, but it play one-time. I need get fly effect and effect comeback. May be I need use animation this whip? If try, how can I connect my Whip with hand (animations)? I use FPS
I can’t find any information about it :disappointed_relieved:

You’ll need to research Blueprints in UE4, and then set up your blueprint to get this functionality

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Thank you, for your response! May be you know a couple of tutorials about this topic?

Unfortunately, I’m not sure what you’ll specifically need for that effect. It looks like the end impact is what your beam and other effects are attached to, so maybe a projectile that spawns a secondary blueprint on impact and returns to the player’s coordinates?

Oh, it seems too dificult :expressionless:
i’m absolutely don’t know bluprints and i don’t understand, which I need to do first to start making it :sweat_smile:

You could use a beam for sure. Here’s a discussion on how to do it:

This might also help:

I’m assuming that gameplay logic is already controlling the target object.


Thank you for the response! I trying to copy this fx, but I still can’t get result. If I get it, I write you :slight_smile:

I think this could help

The forum post
Direct link to Project Download