Hiring remote Unity HDRP VFX Artist (Freelance/Contract work) for a PC realistic sci-fi game

Hi everyone, I’m Alexis from Multiverse!
We are using Unity latest version and HDRP for creating Earth From Another Sun a realistic Sci-Fi PC multiplayer sandbox game.

We really want to be able to make our game looks better through creating high quality VFX, and that’s why I’m sending this post here.

I’m mainly looking for someone that could help us, through freelance work, taking care of our outsourcing needs (we can consider contract work too).

Most of our VFX needs are with Visual Effect Graph and not the old particle system.

Don’t hesitate to contact me at alexis@multiverseinc.com so that we can discuss about a potential collaboration! (Don’t forget to send me some gifs/video that shows your previous work)

Thanks a lot for reading!
I wish you all a lovely weekend!!

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