Hey guys! Can someone explain how it works?

About Velocity over lifetime in unity 2018. How it works now? For some particle movements like this. I tried it very long time and don’t understood it yet. Thanks!

trial & error can be annoying


(orbital x) 3.14
(orbital offset y) 10

  1. Orbital (X)
    particles orbit around Simulation Space (X) at speed in radian format e.g. (3.14) = 1 revolution over 2 seconds
    *Local only; world_space simulation is not working as expected

  2. Orbital Offset (Y)
    The radius of the orbital point
    a curve here animates the pivot over the particles lifetime; random particle life can yield ‘peculiar’ variance

Radial : 10 = the systems Offset causes particles to radiate outward radius +10

(above examples have renderer> offset Pivot_Y:1 , rotation_over_lifetime_Z 1800 to create orbiting billboards within the velocity orbiting motion)

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