Here are my recent tutorial videos about making VFX assets :)

Hello guys!

Recently, I decided to share my knowledge about the game on Youtube. They’ll be about VFX, UI art, Animation, and Motion Graphic. It’s pretty tough because I’m a full time VFX / 3D artist at the same time so I can barely have a rest even during a long weekend. :joy: But, it feels pretty good! haha I just wanna share more and faster.

Anyway, I made the tutorials about making 2d sequence resources with AfterEffects this time.
I know it might be too easy to experts like you guys but I believe that you could find at least a tiny helpful trick in those videos. :smiley:

Something about Custom Shader or 3D VFX will be coming soon!
So Stay tuned!




I have no idea how can I show my video directly in this article, not by hyperlink.
If you know the way, please let me know! :pray:


If you paste the hyperlink directly, it should embed!


Thanks @woodori! Any tutorials are always welcome - even if it is not something I use directly, it is still great to have interesting new techniques that may inspire other ideas! :+1:


haha oh wow it works!!
I feel like so stupid! It was simpler than I thought. :joy:

Thanks a lot!

Thanks for your kind words!
Making tutorial video is harder than I thought. It makes me deeply appreciate other tutorial makers.

Anyway, I really feel cheered up, thanks! :pray: