Guillermo Rossell - Personal VFX Improvement Road

Hello everyone!

My name is Guillermo, I’m an avid MMORPG and PVP player.
I’m looking to learn more about VFX, and get to know other people’s work and the industry - I’m still a novice, but I’m putting all my energy onto it!

I remember back when I played Aion and Granado Espada, my passion would always be to see how my next learnt skill would look like, rather than check its functionality - I’ve always been a fan of cool looking effects and animations, until I finally decided to pursue that path and create them on my own, although I started a little late.

I’ll show some of my work as I advance and learn more things - Please throw as much critique as you can, I’ll be incredibly thankful for it!

Thank you, and nice to meet you in advance :slight_smile:

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This is a trail+hit particle I’ve been working on - heavily inspired in FFXIV and FFXV style!

Below there’s a YT link with the same video but with higher quality!


I love how the trail divides at the end, in this one :slight_smile:

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Really like the style. Perhaps you could play with the textures to help sell the animation. Make the brightness start low, peak at the full arc and then die down. SImilarly erode, alpha, fade, etc from the inside edge to the outter. It would give it a sense of follow through and ‘push’. :slight_smile: