Gaps in ribbons of cascade

Hello guys, I have one issue that I have been struggling with for a really long time. So the thing is that whenever I shoot a projectile that has ribbon emitter on it with a spawn per unit module it creates a gaps between the gun and the start of the trail. Using spawn per unit since, if I would use constant spawn which actually solve this issue then I get the ribbon hanging on the impact place causing other visual issues. It seems to be fine in the editor where I have much higher fps, but in the standalone game where its 30fps it creates random gaps.

If Anybody knows what could be the solution for this I would really appreciate it.


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You could try to spawn a burst of just 1 particle right at the start.

The Spawn Per Unit needs to move X units before spawning for the first time, so spawning a particle at the very beginning should fix the problem.

Let us know if it worked! :sparkles:

Hi it seems that it truly solved the issue! Thank you very much, I have no idea why silly me didnt think of this solution :smiley:

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