First Effect Feedback - Shield Buff

been a longtime lurker while I try to learn more and decided I should just start creating and getting real feedback instead of just following tuts and clicking arbitrary things

so here’s the first one! A Shield Buff
all feedback welcome, kind of thinking it’s a bit too much for actual gameplay


In my opinion the texture for the shield is very fine. It is clear and not has a lot of unnecessary details. The bottom light and circle are very bright and catch the eye, which is not so good, because the main element in this type of spell should be the shield itself. You know, the shield says what is the meaning of the effect so should be most visible.

And probably you should check the timing. In my opinion the whole effect is quite long. But I am relatively new in vfx and still learning like You so I don’t want to say something which I am not 100% sure :sweat_smile:

Good luck in your learning journey!

It’s good, I really like shields and how it clearly reads for what it is: shielding buff.
A few things I suggest to work on:

  1. Rotation speed of rune and shields look a bit too different. You can try to make it closer or erode rune earlier
  2. Maybe the rune can go to translucency instead to going back to 0 size
  3. Try different things with the timing of light and rune between each other. Could be better to show light first and rune second. Not sure about it, but worth to try