Feedback on Character VFX Portfolio Piece

I have been working on a portfolio piece where I sort of “rework” a character from Paragon, with my own abilities and effects. This is still a work in progress, and feedback on everything would be appreciated, both on the effects themselves, and the presentation.

Here are the effects by themselves:


Nice stuff! The character slowly changing color and all his FX still matching is a nice touch. Overall, it feels pretty good.

The first thing that jumps out to me is the arc that appears before he jumps. It feels very much like a 2D ribbon. Can you break up the shape so the mesh of the ribbon is not so apparent? You could also use another section of ribbon or two to give it a bit more dimension, and maybe use some fresnel in the shader to hide some of the edges.

You may also want to add some variety to your smoke. What you have is good, but it all feels very uniform- the little puffs are all very similar in size and shape. Also, when he jumps, maybe you could use a streakier sort of smoke instead of puffs for the trail.

Seriously, though, good job! What else does anyone here have to say?

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Thank you for the constructive feedback!

I agree with your points, I’ll have to see if I can find the time to fix those things. I had difficulties getting volume in the arc, but I will give it another shot. Thanks again!

Is the displacement skill used dissolved or deleted actor and spawn actor?

Looks cool! How did you add depth to your portal?

I love this, but I almost wish the effects were bigger, maybe it’s just me.

I feel like the projectiles, should move faster…I am looking at the hand speed and I feel like the projectile should move at the same pace.

@Katten Thanks! The teleport/arc jump you mean? That is just hiding the character mesh and moving the whole actor with a trail particle visible instead. I only spawn actors with the summon and projectile abilities.

@Nadir Thank you! It uses parallax mapping for the depth. I tried using bump offset for a bit cheaper setup, but it doesn’t look nearly as good at grazing angles.

@MountainHawkD Thanks! I agree with the projectile speed, definitely. I kind of agree on the sizes too, especially the summon one, since it is so far away from the player. Thank you for the feedback!

OK!Very Cool!Thanks for your sharing。

I think the both effects are pretty successful. Although it’s a bit difficult to see how the projectile might looks like from a side view. Perhaps it needs some sort of trail ribbon effects.

Thanks, yeah, it definitely needs a side view in the final presentation!

Well execution, the idle effect style on the character matches the fire ball style quite nicely. Keep up the good work.

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