Fakado's UE4 VFX

Hey all,

Been lurking around here for a while but haven’t posted since the release of realtimevfx forum, thought it’d be a good idea to change that.

I should’ve posted a few days ago when I started working on something new and gotten critique from here whilst I was working on it, but I’ll have to start off with a finished piece, though of course will still go back and improve on it with given critique!

On my Youtube channel I have the previous two versions, and I have my work in progress gifs if anyone would be interested in those. I also do some tutorials every now and then :slight_smile:

I will be posting WIPs here in the future to get professional critique, I look forward to getting to know you all :slight_smile:

Does anyone know how to upload hi-res videos to youtube? When the explosion happens and things are flying towards the camera, youtube auto-compresses the video and blurs it. Is there a way around this othere than lowering how many particles are present?



Been a little while but I’ve finally gotten back to working, hooray!

A little bit ago, Yoeri asked me if I’d like to play about with his new marketplace content that he’s currently working on, I was super hyped to play with it as I’ve seen him post about it before. I’ve spent the last two days shutting myself in a dark room making bright VFX (it’s not good for you, don’t do this) and I’ve got a couple of gifs I’d like to share here!

~~ Not sure how gif attaching works and I don’t think they will endlessly loop, so if anything please click on the link to view it directly on gyazo :slight_smile: ~~

I love trial and error in VFX as you can make some awesome things by accident so I wasn’t looking at reference for any of these effects and whilst I’m sure I could’ve done improvements on some of them by using reference, I find that part of the joy of making VFX for me is putting my hand in the magic hat and pulling out something random and building it from there.

As always I’m happy to receive any critique anyone may have, I have steel skin so fire away!


Hey again!

I’ve been working on Thunder Tier One for a while now, little hobby project that’s going on with some veterans from Bohemia and a lead from PUBG. Today I spend all day going back and updating all of our muzzle flashes and cartridge ejections for majority of the weapons, let me know what you all think :slight_smile:

May need to watch it in fullscreen as YouTube compression makes it harder to see, is there a way around this? (Recording at a lower resolution?)

Hey hey!

Working on some sort of sci-fi explosion to practice after taking a super long break from effects, would love to hear critique or advice on how to improve it.

I’d like to maybe take it into a cyberpunky direction, but I’m not sure how from here; the start to me feels more magic-y rather than sci-fi, but I’m not sure how to replace it.


Did a few more changes, nothing too major or overhauling but some timing and other values here and there to hopefully make it feel more impactful and full.
Would be happy to hear any and all critique! (Right click > Loop for easier viewing too :> )


looks cool! if i wer doing htis, what i’d try to do is add some variance on the speed of the buildup. It all seems ultra linear right now, and because of that a little boring :confused:

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Thanks for the crit Pmiller!
So I had a bit of a play around with the timing as well as other bits and bobs to see if I can work something out. Also ended up temporarily seperating it into another effect and have both new and old versions in the video below :> (Both played twice)

My old university discord holds occasional challenges for fun, and this time I paired up with two friends, a concept artist/modeller + an animator to create an alien crab doing some telekinesis to control a large shield and the ability to shoot eye lasers. A true power fantasy :wink:

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