ErbGameArt: Sketch #25 Dot

It reminds me more of gold than honey. Think there might be a way to make them look less solid and more liquidy? Meta balls maybe? (This is something super difficult to do in real time but may be a fun challenge. Ha ha.)

Hmm, I will try to make it more liquid.

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Oh, I have one idea…


Today I didn’t have time to work. So it just small update #3


:honeybee: Bzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzz zzzz :honeybee:

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I slowed the animation because it was to liquid.


Feeling great about this, but it might be a bit overkill to stack everything together like that.

Would be cool to see if separating those elements gives a bit of air to the overall composition and helps guiding the eye.

Maybe I’d suggest creating a honey pond under the character from which those hexagons are coming out!

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Thanks for suggestion. I think so too :grinning:

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Looks really nice! Are you using only Additive and Alpha blending or something more complex for transparency?

I use Additive, Alpha blending and Cutout shader without transparency.

I made it more clear


Oh hello o.o

Still new to this place but maybe the fact theres no wind up or initial hit on the player, maybe adding that would help?
Also when you added the hexagons that helped me visual honey more. Maybe its a few hexagons combined on the texture to be more honey comb.

Also is this a Dot that heals? If so usually HoTs arent so fast usually slower to give the feeling of soothing I think. Maybe it moving so fast makes it se more violent?

Hope this helps, very interesting effect good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

I really like the look so far. This might be different from the healing effect you’re going for, but with its current speed and the honey chunks popping out almost like blood, I would almost be interested to see what it looks like as a damaging DOT with little bees whisking around the player character. Definitely looking forward to the final result!

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Try adapting it for a blood / poison splash effect?

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Final result


Another gif:


Those bees are bursting into honey on hit!

I like the DoT UI numbers too, very videogame-esque.

:dash: :honeybee: :boom: :honey_pot: :dizzy: :100:


Hey! I love this one, only thing is I think you should change from a DOT to a HEAL, since Honey never really hurts you, I’m thinking Terraria where Honey heals you, or in other rpg games. Otherwise, good effect overall, colors and bees are spot on !

Moderators don’t allow to change the theme. I had another plans, but I did’t implement it.