ErbGameArt’s Sketchbook


Hi. Sometimes I want to share my VFX work and the process of their creation. So I’ll post it all here :wink::grinning:

Got stuck early in VFX, need basic help or resources

Bamboo leaves for next effect


Was going to ask if you worked on spellbreak before seeing the reference :grin:

That’s some great stylized effect you have, it’s very close to the original one,
i would even say i prefer your colors and motions, good job !


No. A man from one company asked me to show how to make such an effect. I made this effect from scratch in 4 hours demonstrating it online. And then his company bought this effect from me. And thanks! :smile:


I want to recreate this buff from PW in Unity image


Making trails

I’ll make a gif when I finish.


Without post-processing:
With post-processing:


New VFX. No reference…
I created this magic circle using Quilts + Photoshop


variation can make a good effect great.
Try making some of the legs longer and some shorter.

Besides that it’s a great effect, good job! :smiley:


Yes, it’s better.
a b




Can I see what model you are using? Is the smoke using a spherical model or a map?


This is a sphere with bumps + Shader with custom lightning.


I’m curious。Can I see your a sphere with bumps model in 3dmax and your shader?


I won’t show the shader, only the model.


Sometimes the effect can be done in a couple of hours, and sometimes it takes a few days … I spent the whole day writing a flow shader. I did it in different ways, for example: lerp(flow _map.rg, i.uv). After all attempts, I came to the result the easiest and best way to do distortion in this way: ((flow_map.rg * i.uv0 * _Distortionpower)+i.uv


What do you think about this effect? Is it normal?


My portal FX. Portal model made by KumaBeer!



Another magic portal.


wow , nice work. I like it.