ErbGameArt’s Sketchbook [Last post: Meteor shower]


The fire one is my favorite! Oh, and maybe the shuriken.


My reference: Cloud lightning


I have this effect for a month already unfinished. I lost my idea. Do you have any suggestions how to finish it?


Have an arrow pierce it?


Hmm, it’s nice idea :grinning:


My old effect(4 years). How could i do that?:laughing::laughing::laughing::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


I was looking the good stuff here. keep it up!
for your old effect, that reassured me for improving. thanks for sharing old things ! that proves that everyone at the beginning making some trial stuff.


Just recreated my old effect from:



Custom filter from:
image to image

image to


I want to remade all my old tutorials.
Now I’m working on fire ray:

It’s just a test variant with crater I made before for my asset. I need to do a lot of work… My refs:

1 2 3


Soon there will be a lesson… but for the Russian audience, because it’s very difficult for me to speak English. I can only improve my accent by communicating with English speakers. There is no such possibility for me now. But there will be subtitles!

Fire ray take the height of terrain!



Game ready :slight_smile:


Is this just moving straight forward + line tracing/ ray casting? :thinking:


No, it’s transform.position with damping + Terrain.SampleHeight


Fire ray tutorial on RU language. He generally looks good, but it can be done much better. For example, if you make a crater and stones more beautiful.


Super Cool @ErbGameArt ! I love this tutorial


I decided to remake my old tutorials :sweat_smile:


I will post it sometime…


Your stuff is absolutely beautiful!


Thank you :grinning: