ErbGameArt’s Sketchbook [Last post: Magic aura in realistic style]


Wuah, totally agree! I love this epic music! Also a great start to boost ones energy in the morning! :grinning::tada:


I have been busy updating my shaders and assets for a long time and have already finished everything. Finally, I can bring my ideas to life. I am very sick now, so I will work very little. If you have any questions about the effects - don’t hesitate to ask. Currently working on this:


Not finished yet


Cool, that’s super clean! Can I see the wireframe?






I love how they rings start scaling up and move away from eachother to signify breaking up.

I do feel it doesn’t really show where the damage happens, maybe you could have a flat ring on the bottom showing the outer edges of the damage area?


…damage area like this?:wink:



Before - after
1 is made using the texture in Substance painter, the second is a shader without textures.


Man, that is a super clear and intelligent way to do tornados. I’m into it. Thanks for the inspiration :wink:





Final version:


Continue to do toon VFX…




Thanks @Gimil for the model with animation!:grin:


Damn that’s cool !!!


The yellow spiraling shape adds some powerful energy-containing rythm to the stream.


So much great work in this thread! Nice job!

I had to make a similar effect to your most recent mega-laser-beam fairly recently (although not stylized), I love how clean and controlled you’ve presented it - Have you given any consideration to how this effect looks from other angles (eg. When being hit by it) or is this effect only intended to be viewed from this top down MOBA style perspective? If this is just a personal practice effect maybe that would be an interesting challenge to consider :slight_smile:

If you’re looking for feedback - I really like the grounding provided by the dust effect at the characters feet during charge up, an effect this strong is really sold on how grounded it is and you’re doing a nice job of reinforcing the blow-back against the character but I think it would also benefit from implementing a similar dust effect along the ground under the beam? Anything that helps tie your effects into the world will really help add that extra level of fidelity!


I made this effect at the request of subscribers and I will make a tutorial soon.
image image

How it looks without bloom: