ErbGameArt’s Sketchbook [Last post: Magic aura in realistic style]


For your blue Magic Circle 12, how do you get that cool jagged texture? I can never quite replicated that look where the texture has those circular cutouts along the edges


It’s noise minimum


Omg. I must be doing something wrong in my material, because I have almost that exact same texture :scream: Thanks!


aaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Do you feel this power? :fire:

The effect is made in less than an hour.


Tutorial here:


Blood VFX from a bullet hit. After effects + Photoshop + Unity


Working on hit VFX…

My ref:



its just basic uv distortion.



3D butterflies VFX! Eeeeeee :grin::grin::grin: I like what I do!


I decided to finish his sketch. Anyway, he had not appeared for half a year. Mwhiting: Sketch #7




I will not refuse help if you tell me how to make this effect better.:roll_eyes:


this is awesome! cant wait for the final result :smiley:




maybe tweak the dissolve of the hands, so the fingers look a bit better.
Edit: oh well nevermind, your finished post appeared right after I posted.
Looks great.


There will be visible lines at the UV seams. I already tried it, opacity is better. And thanks!


The scissors being exactly the same color as the rope is making hard to notice the scissors itself, at least for me. I took like 3 rewatch for me to even notice it.