ErbGameArt’s Sketchbook [Last post: Magic aura in realistic style]


Another variant



I’m not feeling the big purple circles, but the rest of the effect is nice.

Seems too bubbly rather than lens flareish. Could work if you drank a bubbly potion though.


I have already slightly changed the effect. But it is still …
image image


Inspired by Wyvery’s trails

Idea for wind:


I like the motion on the blue/green trails. Did you use that exact mesh?


Yes, I just change the length.


these are great! Nice style, communicates the ideas well.





Nice timing. I like the parts of this that are in the air, but the shockwave seems too slow & the “crack” is a little weak & spoils the rest of the effect for me.
Maybe try a small scorch mark instead, or make the light travel through the cracks to the tips.


Hi, thanks for the feedback. I have already change it. Maybe I will post it later.


You definitely know how to use great colors in some of these effects!

Love the lightning one though as others have said the shockwave is a bit slow. I like the details though.




Cartoon flamethrower with low frame rate :sweat_smile:


Can you recommend a good program to make gifs?


ShareX is my preferred method.


Thanks, I’m already downloading!:grinning:
P.S. Yes, it’s better.


1 hour


Thanks for the the tipp, didn’t know this either. :smiley:
Looks much better and it works really quick making gifs.