Druid SPell-Fissure WIP

Hey guys I"m trying to recreate the Druid’s “Fissure” spell

I wanted to make the ground crumble and break away like it does in the animation, but I couldn’t figure out HOW to do that, so I figured that animating a mesh would be a close second.
If I can figure out how to animate a decal, I’ll just do that.

I also want to add a smoldering ground effect , where the flame trails hit the ground, but I’m trying to figure out the best way to do it.

-Animate a Decal?

-Vtex animation via max or Houdini?

-Animate a mesh again?

I also want to figure out how to activate it via blueprints. Like Is there a way to make it so when my particle collides with the ground, it spawns another particle from another emitter?

I’d also like to have it so, the rocks spawn under the mouse on click, but i’m not really sure how important that is.

I heard I could use alembic files in VFX, so like. I can animate a mesh, and bring it in using that. However I couldnt find any source that would show me how to do that. If anyone has any tips on how to do that, it would be greatly appreciated haha.



I think maybe this week i’ll try to learn how to affect a particle emitter using blueprints. THat might help me get what I need. I think having an emitter activate when that flame trail hits the ground would be/is goign to be sweet. If anyone has some better thoughts please feel free to comment lol

Doing some reading and I think i’ve come to the right decision.
-I dont need to animate a mesh for a smoldering ground effect
-I can just scale up a mesh with a lava-like material on it, to get the desired effect.

Now my question is, blueprints, how do i use them to get the desired effect

a. Have the Fissures appear under the mouse
b. Have the lava appear only when the flame trail hits the ground.

Is that even possible? I feel like it should be. I’m going to watch the blue prints tutorials this week.

this is what I’ve come up with so far,

to address some of the issues i had this is what I did
-i ended up just making a material , and animating it on top of a mesh, that’s the lava you see coming up

-I couldn’t figure out how ot have it spawn when the flame hits the ground so i just made extra emitters. I’m positive thats not how to do it, but it works for now.

-I added a small flame that spawn on top of the lava for extra noise.

I wasn’t able to do exactly what I wanted to do, and that’s a pretty big bummer, but on the bright side I did learn quite a bit. I’m going to go back to the drawing board and try to learn more stuff so i can return here and make this look better.

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