Dome1812: Sketch #32

Hi there,
This is going to be my first post and also my first event here, so I am pretty excited.

I had an Idea of making a more industrial approach to open a loot box, so I would like to focus more around the opening of this box and not only the box itself.

I was thinking of, how are you usually opening boxes, especially these one that are locked.
Usually you use tools or keys .
But what is the one tool,- the most logical one - the one which everyone should have in his household ?


a miniature industrial orange juicer

So my approach would be to throw lootboxes on the top of the orange juicer

In the middle you should see mechanics and as soon as the lootbox reaches the center it should have some splash effects
best is if the center of the box is made out of glas or translucent plastic so you can see a splashing effect

Then on the bottom either there should come some juice out and then suddendly an item is falling down

or maybe I will present them in a way like this

I am currently thinking about giving the lootboxes itself a fruit style like these squared fruits you know from asian markets

So lets see were this is going

I guess I use Houdini for modeling animating and maybe for some VAT meshes for the liquids


Got some first basic modeling of the Juice Press
Trying to make the Lootbox Path a bit more excited


Current progress

just was able to model more of the interiour, maybe on the weekend I can work a little bit more on it


For the Slide effect, I am planning to use panning materials and displacement to fake the loot boxes going down the tube. at the and I will place a mesh particle system that is spawning loot boxes falling to the mechanics

Houdini_02_07_02|483x500 !

the mechanics will be animated and as soon as the loot boxes are touching the wheels, they will break and dissolve and at the same moment create a splash effect



Interesting concept!

As you said, if the flip fluids simulation ends up looking too flat, adding some extra splash particles on top should definitely help.

Keep it up! hehehe

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Thanks, yours is looking nice aswell, I like the dark mood so far.

I guess the liquid simulation will be a nice to have part as these kind of simulations sometimes takes ages without a proper workstation :smiley: