Demo Reel - Steven Cheung / Critiques


So, i just graduated a few hours ago and yesterday was the days to face the jury where various recruiters from Nvizzio, Ubisoft, EA and others professionnals.

I made my presentation and show them the fruit of my work with my Demo Reel. Appearently it made a really good impression. The only critics i had were that there was no sounds and they told me it would be better with sound FX and/or a subtle music. So i’m planning to do just that but i’m not sure about the music because my teacher, told me it wasn’t necessary and other threads on this site agreed with that so i’m kind of unsure about it.

Any critics ?

update: i still haven’t publicly published my Demo Reel. I will when i will be finished with the sounds.

Hey, I graduated a month ago, so here’s some feedback from recent graduate to recent graduate :smile:

I’d say this is a really good reel.

-Do try and show your work as fast as possible. Don’t spend so long showing a name, people lose interest really fast.
-Timing and staging are really important aspects of VFX, try and show some of that to the viewer.
-Unless you are a good sound fx artist, DON’T add sfx to your demo reel, it will undercut the perceived quality of your work.
-Subtle music might be a good extra to make the reel feel polished, but I don’t think it is a necessity.
-When showing shaders, maybe show some different variations on the shader rather then showing different colors. Shaders tend to be open enough to allow quick iterations :smiley:

I’d say, good luck finding a job, but I’m pretty sure you’ll find one in no time :smiley:

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