Demo Reel/ Portfolio 2017-2018

Hey everyone!
I have been working on vfx as of late and have been trying to land an internship to better excel in this craft. I would love to hear what people think, and any tips and tricks that could help me either in the next set of effects I do or when I go back and refine these.
Thank you so much for your time


Take what I say with a grain of salt, but here are some thoughts.

I think you have a good start,

1.) Try and keep your demo reel focused on Fx if that’s what you are pursuing, the first few shots in your reel seemed out of place, I wasn’t sure what you wanted to showcase. If you want to showcase the effects you worked on I would show them isolated and one slow panned shot of the environment with your fx.

2.) Setup a proper demo room to showcase your Fx, have a look at this, try and use proxy objects in place of where the character/spell target is, or if you have an animated character use that.

3.) Something to work on for your Fx is Timing, right now your fx seem a little linear in timing, work on using timing to build anticipation and impactfulness. If you look study the demo reel linked above there is a lot of effort put into the timing/motion curve of each effect.

4.) Let each effect you’ve worked on have it’s time, the last 3-4 things just went quickly one after the other.

Keep working at it, your stylized effects already look pretty good. Hope this helps!

Hey there chief!
Thank you so much on the input! I agree the timing is very flat and linear. I also agree that my demo room and some proxy objects could help with presentation. Thank you so much for your time I appreciate it.

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