DarinWalsh's SketchBook

Hey all, I’m a UI artist that has been branching out to VFX for the last few years and luckily the companies I’ve been working for have enabled and encouraged me to explore this new career. I’ve found there is a suprising overlap between the two professions with a lot of things relying on good pacing and rythm. I’ve especially been enjoying creating shaders I think that is my favourite aspect of VFX. I thought I would start up this sketch book and put in the random neat discoveries I’ve stumbled on in my Fx explorations.

Today I finally got around to downloading UE4 on my home computer and created a shader using a complex plane I created in blender and just some basic textures that come with the Unreal engine.

I discovered a neat way of creating some organic movement just using a panning texture and adding it to Time before it gets inserted into a sine wave.



Thanks for sharing!

If you could find a way to stretch the smoke a bit more along the up axis you could sell it even more.
It could be a great starting point to create a gigantic moving wall of fire or lava.