Critique me! Personal Work Sketchbook

My new and updated Show Reel.

Please Critique me!
Also if you know of or can help me, I am looking for a role in a studio somewhere fun!

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Need some context for the effects, is the fire for a small campfire or a car on fire etc. As it’s a few of the effects are just decent shaders, which doesn’t really show understanding of how to use them. Anyone can follow a tutorial to make a decent looking fire/water shader, so you need to show that you actually know how to use them in my opinion.

Thank you for your feedback, when I was creating these FX it was me just practicing how to create shaders I haven’t watched many Tutorials, just learning from examples and games and trying to recreate them. In future I will be creating things with context :slight_smile:

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I wanted to play around with depth masks, so I made a simple hemisphere and put a little hat on it. This will be used to spawn a projectile in a volley so the alphas needed to blend well without being all jacked from render passes.

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