Contract VFX position

I’ve tried for half an hour on different browsers and different settings (turning off adblock) but I can’t post a job despite putting in my credit card details. I’m getting a constant error message in the system that says I’m passing “blank” for the “card” parameter even though I have filled all the credit card details.

Anyway, here is the job… Please let me know if someone can help me post the job, payment is not an issue!


We are a mobile gaming startup based out of Singapore (! We’re making a MOBA, a real-time multiplayer battle area game, for mobile platforms. The game will be driven by unique Champions with its own Skills and Spells – as you can imagine this is all beautiful VFX work waiting to be done.

Stylistically, our game’s art will be a little lighter and more stylized than a game like League of Legends or DOTA2. Our effects may also be similarly stylized for readability on a small smartphone screen, and the target audience is global, leaning Western markets.

We’re looking for this work to begin immediately and be completed by end of March.


24 skills for 8 champions
15 spells (neutral)
Minion, tower, arena VFX

Reach out to us ( and we can talk!


Oh no - I’m so sorry you’ve had issues with the jobs system! @Keyserito and I will look into it asap. In the meantime, let’s keep this pumped in the topic list, and we’ll see how we can get the issue sorted.