Connecting individual dots with ribbon

I have a niagara system. It specifies the spawn rate “select vector from array”. Question: Is it possible to connect individual dots with a ribbon? For example, a point with index 0 and index 1 connect, but do not connect points with index 1 and index 2, connect points with index 2 and 3 and do not connect points with index 3 and 4

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It is a simple matter of assigning each group of the dots you want to connect with the same RibbonID (NiagaraID) manually. You “set” the RibbonID in Particle Spawn stage, use “Make Niagara ID from Int”, assign the “Index” with your custom index, so point index 0 and 1 are assigned ribbon index 0, point 2 and 3 are assigned ribbon index 1, etc. You don’t really need to do anything with “Acquire Tag”.

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Thank you! Do you have an example? I choose “set” RibbonID, then I choose “make niagara id from int”. How to specify in the index field that points with index 0 and 1 are equal to index 0 of the RibbonID?
Sorry, my niagara level is very low


There are many ways to do that but the most straightforward way is to use “Select Int from Array”,
Array Sampling Mode: Direct Set
Direct Array Index: Exec Index
Then add elements to the array and populate the array index with your desired values.

Thank you! It turned out to be done through the module. We divide the current particle index by the number of particles in the ribbon and assign it to the RibbonID

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