[CLOSED TOPIC] Console FX vending houses?

Hey all!

Was wondering if anyone has any direct experience with external vendor’s who’ve done Console FX for them, other than FX Ville (who’s very unfortunately slammed with work during the time we’re looking for help). Would love someone of the same quality bar as FX Ville, who’s available Jan-Mar.

We are also potentially interested in UE4 experienced real time console FX candidates for contracting. Work should display a solid grounding in highly performant realistic looking fx.


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Hi Gonk,

Contact me in private, i would like to talk to you about your problem.Thanks



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Or you could drop me a line. I’ve worked on most consoles since the PS2.


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I might not be available during that period, but maybe later?

I am contracting with my own company for 2 years now (Lionhead, Bossa, Tequila Works, Turbulenz…). Mostly Unreal and Unity. Dominikus Reiter

edit: @ChezStephaneNepton & @Partikel just thought, having a loosely joint studio with you guys would be cool :smiley:

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Ah bummer. This is for a ‘sister’ UE project published by MS. Would’ve been rad to throw some work to someone from Lionhead…


Old job inquiry. Archiving this topic for posterity :^]