CJ Reay: Sketch #19 WIP



Iv been doing a lot of realism lately so I wanted to do a magic effect and mix in some destruction for the event. Hope its interesting :smiley:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDfp28nUOQw if you want higher res theres a youtube link as well

Would appreciate feedback but I probably won’t be able to change a lot before the event is over.


Not a lot thing to say, since it’s only a WIP, but I recommand you to build a better scene around, because the blue sky of UE4 take the half of the screen, and we can’t see efficiently the effect because of that (even if we can guess it).

If you add more details in the future, the actual scene might hide some interessting things, and in almost every situation, an effect can’t live in his own, and have to be integrate in a proper environment, especially in this contest where the environment interaction tend to be important.

As you say that you won’t add more for this contest, you can keep this advice for your future project. Presentation and background are may be always as important as the effect himself :slight_smile:


Thanks! I can probably reorder the scene I just don’t enjoy that section of the process as much as building the effect. Think at the least I can turn down the lights and that will help the emission shine through.


A cook said the other day: “I have a ton of awards for my cooking, but no you will hire me!” - “why is that?” - “you see, I love cooking but I hate garnishing or finding the right plate to use, so I just throw my excellent food on the bare table…”

I hope you know what I am getting at. I made the same mistake with not bothering for the surounding. Then I presented them better and I was at least invited to an interview for jobs I applied to.

Of course you don’t have to go and model + texture a whole lot. If you are using UE4 there are ton of great free Assets/ environments from Epic (like the Paragon ones)

That beeing said. Really looking forward to how this is will turn out :slightly_smiling_face:


I like the way energy is gathering and forming to a phoenix. Perhaps it would be better if you add a bit of hit effects when it is colliding with the wall. I feel it needs a explosion or some sort of to shatter and explode the wall, and at same time it will help mask the sudden disappearance of the phoenix.

You could also try to speed up the phoenix and flying deberis. It need to feel more explosive in my opinion.


I considered adding an explosion but I need to take a deeper dive into them to make something I feel is presentable, thats the task of this month for me make tons of explosions till they start looking decent. I considered adding GPU sparks but didn’t want to obscure the effect with tons of sparks, so I guess I need to take a deeper dive into that area to so I can balance out the amount of sparks against the effect. Its all on a 10 second time loop that can be scaled so I just slowed it down so its easier to see the steps.