Brazos Games looking for contract UE4 VFX Tech Artist (Remote or Local)

Hey all

Brazos Games (DFW area in TX) is looking for a contract VFX tech artist (remote or local) that is able to provide high quality fantasy style effects for an upcoming unannounced action game. See the link here:

The project is stellar and the team is talented. Looking for someone who:

  • Is highly experienced with UE4 for PC and Console development

  • Can create impressive and optimized VFX

  • Can create fluid and appealing magical effects

  • Is able to create custom materials and shaders (dissolves, barriers, reveals, dynamic and interactive based on proximity or event driven)

TLDR: If you’re are an exceptional VFX artist and you’re available we’d love to work with you. The game is intense, unique and filled with spectacle that does a great job of showing off FX. :slight_smile: :star2:

If that’s you or if you know someone who matches that please contact

PM me or email above if you’d like to chat

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