Bravepotato's VFX-Sketchbook #1

Heey, how’s going? My name is Giovanni and it’s my first time here! :sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:

I’m trying to learn vfx, and it’s been a while that I wanted to start this sketchbook to share some stuff that I’m doing.

I just want to share my second vfx ever, still a WIP but maybe I’m getting close to finishing it, it was based in the Old Sunfire Cape effect from LOL. Hope you like it :v:

Feedbacks are really appreciated! :smiley:

WIP Fire Spell


Yaaaay, welcome!

Awesome effect!
How is it done? Just scrolled different textures on different speeds on top of each other?

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Heey Thanks!!! :v:

Yeah, basically that

The bottom is a very hard shaped fire.

Later I added motion blur to it to give more movement when scrolling trought the UV.

The top texture is just a generic trail that I had and I subtracted it with a voronoi noise just to give a stylized vibe.

And what I think it makes work very nicelly is the twisted aspect of the upsidedown funnel that I modeled.

So I ended up with this:


Hey Giovanni, welcome! :v:

Just a few quick thoughts on your work:

  • already pretty nice, given that this is only your 2nd VFX ever!

  • the scrolling texture is a good approach, but for the mesh I’d rather skew the UV mapping instead of twisting the model. this way it’s easier to adjust and you might need less vertices.

  • the center line of your texture is slightly bent, but in the final VFX that’s hardly noticeable (at least for me). so I would rather make it straight, which makes it more likely that you can reuse the texture for other VFX.

  • the colors you chose already work nicely. you could make the VFX even more interesting, by using color over lifetime: start with a bright, warm yellow or almost white and then transition into the colors you’re already using.

  • the sparks do a good job in conceiling the outer border of your fire disk. their movement could use some noise, which would be fitting for sparks flying through hot, turbulent air.

  • the VFX could use some kind of anticipation, like sparks that gather before the fire wave appears.

  • I like that you used an animated material in the 2nd version (or was it just the GIF compression that made it seem so :sweat_smile:). this could also work as an anticipation, if you let it light up a bit earlier.

Keep it up, I like it! :+1:


WOW! Really appreciate it Foxician :sparkles:

Really love that UV trick, had no idea i could achieve the same result with a really simpler technique, cheers for that!

Yeah I tried color over lifetime but my unity is kinda cursed and its not aplying correctly for some reason, maybe I f#cked that up the fire shader :joy: :smiling_face_with_tear:

Totally agree that it should have an antecipation but I still have to figure it out how to do it, and one other thing that I would like to add that is a ground crack/smoke after the fire is over (still have to learn how to do it too), think it will be a more compelte effect with it.

And maybe was the compression, I re-upload a new gif can you say if it has the same issue?

Thanks again for your feedback!

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