Brandon's Sketchbook

Edit 12/30: Been a busy month, but redid the effect aiming more towards the anime style of the webtoon I am basing it around

Edit 11/22: Been working on the timing and overall look. Would greatly appreciated feedback if you can (4) (5)

Edit 11/8: Latest rough draft of an idea for a new vfx basing it around the webtoon tower of god so aiming for an anime look and gonna be putting it into a new scene. Feedback about the timing and feel before I start texturing, would be much appreciated (2)


Hi, I like your concept. I think I can make some feedbacks but don’t take them as a solid truth because I’m a newbie
So, imo :
-The colors are not blending well. Both complementar color are insanely saturated and taking the same place so they are fighting together
-The colors are insanely saturated everywhere so I don’t know where should go my attention
-Same with contrast. The black voronoi create contrast everywhere. The white shading of your capsule is the only reason why I look at the center of your effect
-In general, intensity of the differents parts of your affect are to linear. For exemple, the effet in the ground is the same between the seconds 1 and 4. In this case, I think you should use it to build up the climax that is coming next. Create an anticipation.
-the voronoi shape is homogenous and look like a standard voronoi that is a bit boring
-the voronoi shape don’t squash and stretch when the effect is going faster
-I think you should focus on building a powerfull climax instead of adding small ones like with the small circles aroud seconds 1 and 2

I’m sorry for my bad english
I like the kind of plasma you get at the end


Ok, thank you so much for this feedback, I will work on adjusting it over this week

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Got a new update what do you think?

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Replying with my old work to keep track of it all and keep the current project clean.
Above is the final update for my soul-rending scream dnd vfx. Hope yall enjoy and have a good day, youtube link for better quality.


A VFX I have been working on for one of my character’s abilities. Any feedback on it would be greatly appreciated.