Blizzard Entertainment - VFX roles on Unannounced Project

Well met! I’m a Talent Professional at Blizzard Entertainment supporting one of our Unannounced Projects. We’re a new and ambitious team looking for a versatile and creative Senior / Lead VFX Artist, with the goal of bringing all forms of real-time VFX to life and pushing the visual development for a new Blizzard IP. You’ll be painting VFX textures from scratch and combining traditional hand-crafted art techniques with next gen shaders and materials to create a unique visual style for all types of VFX (magic, water, fire, smoke, etc.).

The VFX Artists we’re looking for need to have professional experience within the gaming industry, ideally shipped AAA titles, and an exceptional understanding of next generation asset creation and VFX pipelines and tools. Sometimes very exceptional portfolios without experience are sufficient.

You can check out the actual JD here (note it says Lead but we’re looking across Mid / Senior / Lead):

Please feel free to shoot me a message here or email me at, you can also find me on LinkedIn.