Arixdan's Sketchbook

Hey there! I’m Adrián but most people on the internet know me as Arixdan. I’m studying game development right now and was introduced to the world of realtime vfx, so I thought it would be nice to share my work as I still have little to no practice. This first effect I did was inspired by TLoZ:BotW’s dust effect when something buried underground rises up. All feedback is welcome! Thank you all for your attention!Also sorry for my english I’m Spanish after all xD ezgif-5-448bbfed5508

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Nice to meet you! :alien:

As for the effect, I’d try making those smoke meshes lit and reduce their emissive to about 0.2, so they are lit but have that subsurface scattering look at the same time!

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Thanks for the advice I’ll try to make it today and post it again!

Edit: So I read it again and noticed that you called the smoke a mesh. it’s actually a sprite although I’ve been thinking to try out making it a mesh!

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I thought it was a mesh, yes! You completely fooled me with that one hahaha

Those are sprites too, but they look like meshes by the way they’re being shaded!


Wow, always thought those ones were meshes haha. I changed the emissive values to be more dim and also changed the color (I don’t really like pure white to this kinda dusty effect)ezgif-5-68a8536d5f3b

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