Adam Ostridge - FX Sketchbook

Hey all!

So it is with great shame that I admit it has taken me THIS long to actually create an account and join this awesome community officially! I have lurked around for long enough and it’s about time I say hi! (HI!)

I guess the best way to kick off is an introduction? I am Adam Ostridge (I’m assuming you figured this part out already) and I’m currently an FX artist at the awesome Digital Extremes working on Warframe. I’ve been an FX artist my entire career (so about 5 to 6 years? Time flies…) and I’ve loved every hit spangin’ minute of it!

I’ve been pretty bad at putting together FX in my personal time, as I tend to explore other creative activities out of work but with all the awesome work you guys have been cranking out how can I NOT be inspired to get involved!

Unfortunately that extracurricular work is going to have to wait just a few more days as I’m currently at GDC! So if any other badass game wizards and pyrotechnic fiends are kicking around the conference please feel free to give me a shout and we can catch up and nerd out about particles and glowy things! Feel free to also say hi if you see me in person or reach out to me on twitter (another new internet-y thing I’m attempting to be better at!) with my handle @AdamOstridge!

I guess I’d also lose my FX artist credentials if I posted a thread with no magic or explosions or particle fun times so for now I’ll leave you with a couple of gifs from our patch notes for some of my recent work on Warframe! (I’ll follow up with something just for you guys next week!)

Hopefully those links work but I’ll update with some proper work stuff when I’m back from GDC! Again, if anyone’s at the conference and wants to meet up let me know!! :smiley:


Yes, it is a shame!

Hello dude, how’s it going

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Hey Niels!

Good thanks! Hope you’re doing well! Better late than never right? :smiley:

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Those melee fx updates are really nicely done, adding a ton more “oomph” to the impacts. Nice work, and welcome!

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These effects look amazing. I wonder how you prevent ground-geo from clipping into the effect-elements on the floor. Are those orange/red “shockwaves” decals or particles/planes?

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Thanks Simon! It’s a combination of depth-faded particles and effect meshes mostly, so there’s a little separation from the surface they hit built in and the shader can take care of any unsightly intersections :slight_smile:


Those effects look so nice! Warframe is getting better and better ^^

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