A little practice

This is my a small Unity practice, only some simple dissolved shader,


@Hen_Ye This is fantastic! I’m bummed I missed it 30 days ago. lol

I think you could have some fun with the build-up… some sort of gathering energy or something like that, to get the timing nice and punchy.

yes, it’s my first time to do Unity. So there is a little incomplete in the idea, and then add more elements.

Yeah looks cool!

The small particles that are going up and right - they could be more random or radial in velocity (perhaps shoot them down the beam also).
And the purple light on the floor, can you get that to fade in/out and flicker?

Thank you, I will slowly add

Very beautiful! LOVE the colors and the value range. Feels dangerous.

+1 to Keyserito’s advice with the build up. One thing that can also take this a step further is to define what “school of magic” this lives in. Is it tech? Shadow magic? Void-like space energy? It looks like you’re thinking about that with the secondary elements you’re using, but I think you could take it a step further and push what you have into your primary elements too (The beam itself).

Thank you for your offer. I feel a lot of room for improvement

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