2019 personal vfx demo

Hello everyone, this is a small part of my work. By the way, learn with everyone! Welcome to negotiate and exchange! ! !


These look crazy good. I love the music one.

Thanks for sharing! :open_mouth: I love the clean look and the overall presentation!

Thank you for your appreciation:grinning:


我是新人 大佬指教一下 !!!!!!!!!


These are beautiful dude!

I love the motion and different elements on the 2nd last piece! :heart_eyes:
Your sense of timing is awesome and definitely goes well with the animations.
The shaders used and animated here are very well done specially the puffs of smoke and fire.

It would be awesome to see your dragon in a blue fresnel instead of untextured white!

Keep it up! Looking forward to seeing so much more of your work!!! :smile:

Thank you for your compliment! I will move on and will follow this feeling. I like rhythm very much and hope to create a more interesting rhythm in the future, it will be visually very explosive! Will also make better improvements in quality!

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Looks great ! 国人很擅长这种风格。Welcome?to?the community !

Thank you!能分享一些给我参考吗?学习一波!:grinning:


谢谢大佬 评价 我会改进的!:grinning:

What are you using to make these? Would you be open to some freelance work?

I made it with UE4, I am willing to try it!

Send me an e-mail, and we will give it a shot. :slight_smile: kyler@campfire-software.com

I have already replied to you by email!

Hi, beautiful work you have here. How do you make the 2nd effect? How do you make the dragon fly I’m curious. Is it an animated mesh or just a static mesh?

Hi, I think it’s just a model with animated bones.

Hello, this is a material animation. Of course, skeletal animation can also be done.:sweat_smile: